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An administrator would like to invite an Investigator, Administrator, Support Staff, or Trainee to log into Research Logix. The Research Logix profile has already been created in the respective area, but they may or may not have logged in for the first time.



A new feature has been created in the Research Logix administration tool to quickly invite created Research Logix profiles to log into the system. This feature will allow an email invite to be sent directly to the user. The tool will also allow administrators to view pending invitations. 

When the user accesses the invite, the Invitations tool will be updated to show the date/time of when the invitation is accessed. 




  1. From the Administrative Dashboard, click Account on the left menu


  2. Under the Account sub-menu, click Account Invitations

  3. This is the Research Logix Invitations tool. It only contains two primary components to get invitations out to Research Logix profiles.


    1 » Invitation Form
    2 » Invitations History

    This will contain a listing of all the invitations that have been sent out for your account. The listing will contain:

    - Invitee
    - Date Sent
    - Person who sent the Invitation
    - Date that the invitation was viewed

  4. Find the person you want to invite

    This is an intellisense tool that will find existing Research Logix profiles in your account. Before you can invite a person, you will need to create the Research Logix profile first. Once created, you can use their email address, last name, and/or first name to search for the profile. Once identified, click the profile from the search results to populate the Invitation form. Then, click Send Invitation.
  5. Research Logix will then send out the invitation to the selected user. The user will receive the following email:


    If the user has NEVER logged into the system, a random password will be generated for them. If they have signed into the system before, then no password will be updated, and it will NOT be displayed in the form. A user should remember what their password is, but if they don't, then they may use the Password Reset function.

    Note: If your account is presently using Single Sign On (SSO) through your institutional login credentials, a password WILL NOT be provided. Users will be able to use their own credentials to sign into Research Logix.

    After sending the invitation, the administrator will see the pending invitation in the Invitations History panel.

    If a user does not respond to the invitation, you can use the Resend function to re-initiate the invitation to the user. In the event that you decide that you do not want to continue the invitation for the user, you can use the Cancel function to remove the invitation.

  6. When the user successfully accesses the invitation, the Invitations History panel will be updated with the date that they accessed it.


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