Unlinking and Reapplying Linked Authorship to Publication

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Scenario: An author has been incorrectly assigned as an author to a publication. This could happen for a variety of reasons - mainly due to common names and university affiliation settings. You would like to remove this assignment, and prevent it from being relinked in future publication imports.


Unlinking an Author

From the Publications Workspace, access Quick Admin Review or Data Dump

  1. Go to the publication direct link in RLOGX Link column


  2. Select the Linked Authors tab
  3. Click Unlink Author next to the author that you would like to unlink

This will put a slash through the author. It will prevent it coming in again and re-linking itself incorrectly.


Reapplying Linked Authorship

If you have made a mistake, and want to put it back:

  1. From the Publications Workspace Dashboard click Rejected Publications


  2. Select the direct link to the publications in the RLOGX Link column
  3. Click Linked Authors Tab


  4. Click Relink Author button

    This will re-establish the link between the publication and the author.


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