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When running reports you notice that some of your authors are not being highlighted correctly, or not at all. 



Within Research Logix's Publications Workspace there is a utility to assist in identifying issues with highlighting. Since author name formatting in author lists can vary, Research Logix can help quickly correct and apply highlighting using the Author Cleanup Utility. This tutorial will show how to use this tool.



Access the Author Cleanup Tool from the Publications Workspace


The Author Cleanup Tool consists of 4 primary sections to manage and apply changes for the purposes of highlighting


1. Author "To Do" List - The objective is to have this list empty. This means that all authors and highlighted name possibilities have been identified. When empty, that means all author information should be highlighted correctly with in all publications.

2. Author's current highlighted names - This will be a comma separated list of all possible names that the author could appear in a publication. To make changes, you may edit manually and click Update Search Term(s), or use the Suggestions option (item #4) to pre-populate the Search Terms field.

3. Publications identified with potential issues - Research Logix will quickly identify publications where authors are linked, but their formatted name(s) are not correctly highlighted. 

4. Suggestion - If a publication show up, there will be a suggestion of highlighted name in the final column. If the name appears correct per the suggestion, click it, and then click "Update Search Term(s)". 

Sometimes an author will be linked to a publication where their name will not appear in the list of authors. This happens when the author is linked within a consortium or research group. To remove the issue and retain the link between publication and author, click the checkbox next to the publication, and then click the Approve Selected button.


If the author is not correct, then you can use the Remove Selected to remove the association between the publication and author.


Perform the review on each author listed in the Author "To Do" List. When complete, you will receive this message in that window.




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