Changing PubMed Import Settings for a User

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Help! I need to add a way a name that is in PubMed authors so that it pulls in, how do I do that? It looks like some of the author's pubs are not all pulling in because his name listed on the pub is another way.



Sometimes an author's name can appear in a variety of formats in PubMed, and cannot be found by searching by the author's full name. This can be due to name changes or the way that the publication was originally submitted.



Fortunately in the Research Logix profile there is a way to override the default setting of searching and indexing publications for a member. In this walkthrough, you will learn how to update the searching capabilities for a member within their Research Logix Profile.




  1. Navigate to the member's profile, and click Actions » Dashboard. This will take you into the Research Logix Profile of the member.


  2. Click the Settings tab at the top of the profile.


  3. If you scroll down to the middle of the Settings page, you will find the Publications Settings. From the dropdown, Full Name Search may be selected. Change this to Publication Author Format.


  4. Next, you will need to update the possibilities of how the author's name will appear in publications. Once you have entered all the possibilities, make sure to Save the record using the Save button.


  5. You can then test the new settings with a manual publication search by Author. To do this, click Actions at the top of the menu.


    And then use the Import Publications tool


  6. When you first arrive on this page, a PubMed search will begin automatically, and it will reveal all publications found using the new settings.


    Note: If you notice that some of the publications are still not found, please verify in the PubMed publication record that the name of the author is spelled exactly the same. Make the necessary adjustments by following step 4, above, and then try searching again, steps 5 & 6.


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