Publication Workspace - Navigation

Publications Workspace - Navigation

The Publications Workspace is split into several tabs to allow account holders to manage publications the way they want. The workspace is split into 10 tabs. Several of the tabs contain the same information, but are structured in different ways to open options for interacting with the data differently.




Publication Navigation Tabs

  1. RLOGX Pub Workflow - This is the Publication Workflow Roadmap. It shows how publications come in and provide direct links to the individual tools available for publication management.
  2. Pending Admin Review - These are publications in their most raw form. They could have been imported by the PubMed Crawler that imports publications daily according to your Members Listing. Or, they could have been publications imported by members or support staff for Biosketches that fall in line with your publication reporting period.
  3. Pending Input from Authors (Queue) - The Queue is a status where publications have been verified by Administrators, but additional input is needed from individual authors. These could be your custom questions or data points that are needed for Shared Resource/Core Utilization.
  4. All Publications - This section contains ALL Publications regardless of review status. If a publication is associated with one of your members, it will appear here.
  5. Review Status - This section will match publications that are in The Queue. However, this tab will allow you to interact individually with authors.


    From this section, you can:
    • Send prompts to Authors
    • View their Publication Review Workspace
    • View outstanding publication counts

  6. Admin Quick Review - This section allows administrators to view the "Pending Admin Review" in a different way. Instead of viewing publications, Administrators can quickly assign data-points, flag publications, and write notes. This section will initially match publications found in the "Pending Admin Review", but has the option for setting Date Ranges, and including already reviewed publications.
  7. Data Dump - The data dump is an unrestricted view of all publications within the system. There are additional options for selecting and viewing specific publication fields. This section should be used for extracting data from Research Logix for additional offline data analysis.
  8. Authors - This section will display all authors associated with your account, and direct links to the authors library (i.e. publications assigned to them).
  9. Removed Pubs - When publications are reviewed by administrators, there is an option to delete publications. They are not completely removed from the system, but rather are placed in an archive for future retrieval. This tab will allow you to view the deleted publications and restore them, if needed.
  10. Leadership Publication Issues - This is a special tab that will view publications that have been flagged by leadership for review. Within the platform there are several tools where leadership is able to view publications within a set scope defined by Administration - Top Publication Selection. One of the features allows leadership to flag a publication they feel has not been allocated correctly. Any flagged publication by leadership will appear here for administration to review and correct, if necessary.
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