Linking Publications to EDGE Doc Items

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In this help guide, you will learn how to apply Publications to EDGE Doc Items including Personal Statements and Contributions to Science.

Linking Publications

  1. Publications may be linked to the Personal Statement or Contributions to Science. Click the Linked Publications button to add or remove publications to each item.


  2. To link a new publication, use the Search Publications box to enter a title or PMID/PMCID. To unlink exiting linked publications, click the Unlink button below the publication in the top section.

  3. If the publication is not already in Research Logix’s publication database, you must import it from PubMed.


  4. Click the PubMed Import tab. Enter a title, PMID, or PMCID in the text box and choose the appropriate search field from the righthand dropdown. Click the Search button.

  5. If the publication is already in Research Logix’s database, a green “Imported and Assigned” will appear under the publication. If it is not in the database, a grey “Import” button will appear. Click the Import button.

  6. Research Logix tab and search for the publication. Press the Link Publication button.


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