Downloading Your Biosketch

This guide will assist you in saving your Biosketch as a Word Document.


  • You created and edited a biosketch.


Saving a biosketch as a Word Document

  1. To save a biosketch as a Word file, click the blue Print button above any biosketch preview window.

  2. The browser will ask you to save the file. You may save it wherever is convenient for you and name it whatever file name you want. The default name is “render.doc”.
  3. Although the file states that it is a .doc file, it actually saves as an HTML file. Your first step should be to open it in Word, and Save As a .docx file.


    Now it will really be a Word doc file.
  4. Verify that the biosketch is within the 5-page NIH limit. You may also make any other manual changes.


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