Including/Excluding Member Publications in Publications Workspace


The Publications Workspace was developed to collect and apply verification workflows for publications related to members in your account. There may be times when a member is added to your account, but you will not want to include their publications in the review and additional data collection process.

This article will show you how to exclude (or reactivate) a member's publications in the Publication Workspace workflow.


What Publications are Included in the Publications Workspace

Publications are automatically added to the publication workspace by the following sources:

  • Automatic import from the daily RLOGX PubMed Crawler
  • Direct import of publication from PubMed by investigator or support staff when using in EDGE Biosketch
  • Manual creation of Publication by investigator, support staff, or administrator

Publication Workspace: Pending Admin Review

When publications are added to the system and associated with a member in your account, the new publication will automatically appear in the Pending Admin Review tab of the Publication Workspace.


There may be a time when you will no longer want to track an individual's publications due to leaving the organization, change in status, etc. Research Logix has a build in function that will allow you to include/exclude specific members from the Publication Verification process.


Changing Publication Review Status for a Member

To change inclusion of publications for a member in the Publication Workspace, follow the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Members page in your Research Logix administrator dashboard, by clicking "Members" in the navigation.

  2.  Use the Member Search tool to identify the individual you would like to include/exclude publications for.

  3. Select "Actions" and click "Actions" from the dropdown
  4. Select Publication Preferences from the Actions module
  5. At the top of the Publication Preferences, you will have a drop-down field entitled, "Do you want to include this investigator in Publication Verifications?"


    To INCLUDE a member's publications in the Publications Workspace workflows, select "Yes"
    To EXCLUDE a member's publications in the Publications Workspace workflows, select "No"

  6. After making your selection, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Important Notes

  • If you elect to NOT include a member's publications in the Publications Workspace workflows, that members publications will still be imported into the system and assigned to the member. Exclusion from the workflow will just remove their publications for future review and additional data point assignments. 
  • If a member's publications have been excluded from the workflows for some time, and you elect to include them at a later time, any publications that are assigned to them will reappear in the Publications Workspace. Unreviewed publications will appear in the Pending Admin Review workspace.
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