Making Updates to a Member Research Program

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Over time, as there are changes to membership and research programs for your account members, you will need to assign them correctly in the Research Logix platform. This guide will assist you in making changes for members.


Scenario #1 - Member leaves the cancer center or is terminated

A member in your program has left the cancer center entirely.

  1. Go to the Members page for your account by clicking "Members" in the navigation bar

  2. Search for the Member in the directory

  3. Click the "CCM" option in the Actions
  4. This will take you to the Cancer Center Member tab for the member's profile

  5. Click "Edit" next to their current Research Program Alignment
  6. This will open the dialog box for you to make changes to their current Research Program assignment.
  7. At this point, you DO NOT want to remove the assignment entirely, because you will still want to have archived information about their publications, research project funding, etc. Deleting the record will alter their previously reported information for the Research Program. Instead, you will want to add an End Date to tell Research Logix not to report on publications past that assigned date.

  8. After adding the End Date, click the Save Button

    Now that you have added an End Date, all of the information is still retained for the member, and publications found outside of their assignment range will not be counted for the Research Program.

  9. Inactivate the Member Profile

    If you are no longer interested in importing new publications for the Member, please make sure to Inactivate the member by toggling the Member Status button.


    Once inactivated, new publications for this member will not be imported into the system.

Scenario #2 - Member changes Research Programs

A member is currently in a Research Program, but they are changing to another Research Program in the center. Follow Steps 1 through 4 in the first scenario to get to the Cancer Center Member tab.

  1. Click Edit next to the current Research Program assignment.
  2. When the Research Program modal is loaded, add an End Date for the current assignment. Then click the Save button.
  3. Now, you are going to want to add a new Research Program assignment for their new program. Click the New button in the Research Program Alignment box.
  4. This will add a new Research Program assignment line for you to edit. Click the Edit button to edit the assignment.
  5. Assign the new Research Program, member type, and Starting Date for the new assignment. Make sure that the Begin Date is after the End Date of the program assignment that they left. You can leave the End Date of this new assignment blank, since they are presently in the New Program.
  6. Then click the Save button.

Now that you have made this change, Publications found within this new program range will be automatically allocated to the new Research Program assigned. If older publications are imported and fall within the range of previously held Research Program assignments, they will automatically be counted within that respective Research Program.

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