Importing Publications for Investigator

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This guide will show you how to import and link a publication for an investigator from the Publications page.


Importing Publications from Investigator Publications Page

  1. When in an investigator's profile, click the Publications link in the left navigation.


  2. This will take you to their Publications page, which will show you all publications currently linked to the profile. When importing new publications, click the Import Publications tab at the top of the page.

  3. The PubMed Search Utility will appear and will give you options for searching for specific publications.


    You can currently search publications on the following field types:
    • Title - Title of the Publication. Any term entered in the search will be used to attempt to find a specific publication
    • PubMedUID - The "PMID" of the publication indexed within PubMed
    • PMCID - The "PMCID" of the publication indexed within PubMed
    • Date Range (Optional) - If your search results are numerous, you can use the date filter to get publications within a range.
  4. After entering your search parameters, click the search button

  5. If publications are found, the results of the search will be displayed.


  6. To import the publication, click the "Import" button. You may also view more information about the publication directly from PubMed by clicking the "View in PubMed" button.

Importing a Publication from the EDGE Console

You may also import publications directly from the EDGE Console, when working on creating a NIH Biosketch. Information about how to do this can be found in this guide.

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