Navigating RLOGX

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Dashboard Interface



  1. Side Bar - Access to Profile, Help, and primary administrative areas
  2. Top Bar - Access to Profile, Control Center, Sidebar Toggle Tool
  3. RLOGX Highlights - Area that will display announcements, system updates, and other communications from the Research Logix Team
  4. Dashboard - Access to all the Research Logix Administrative Areas
  5. Help - Access to internal help tools for using the Research Logix system


The sidebar will appear throughout the Research Logix interface. Using the navigation options, you are able to gain access to the primary areas of the platform.



  1. Main RLOGX Controls - Quick access to the Home Dashboard, Help Center, Bug/Issue Logging, Logout
  2. Main Administrative Controls - Depending on your access, you will see the main areas of administrative control. Click on the section you'd like to access to gain quick access.


Top Bar


The Top Bar contains a few administrative controls.

  1. SideBar Toggler - Some areas in the Research Logix platform will be displayed in a "Full Page" view. This will automatically hide the side bar for more workspace. If the SideBar is not revealed initially, you can use the Toggler to show the SideBar. If the SideBar is showing, but you want some more workspace, you can click this same Toggler to hide the SideBar.
  2. Dashboard Quick Menu - Click this icon to go directly to the Research Logix Dashboard
  3. Profile Pic & Menu - Clicking on your Profile Menu will reveal a few more options for controls
  4. Profile Management - View your Profile Options and access to change your password
  5. Account Control - You may be an administrator for multiple accounts. Your access will be shown from the menu listed. To access another account, click the name of the account. The account which is currently being managed will be indicated with a bolded caret .

RLOGX Highlights & Announcements


Announcements will regularly appear on your Dashboard. This may include newly released features, information about Best Practices, System Upgrade Announcements, etc.






The Primary Dashboard will allow you to gain access to the primary areas of Research Logix. 

  1. Research Logix Tool - Will contain the name and brief description of the Research Logix Tool
  2. Beta Flag - When new features are released they will be flagged with a "beta" flag. 


Help Center


In the lower right hand corner of the Research Logix platform, you will notice "RLOGX Help". This utility will tap directly into our Help Center. If and when issues arise, use this tool to learn more about the platform or submit a Help Request, if help is not found.


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