Updating CCSG Data Table 1A

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The following guide will walk you through the steps to update Data Table 1A


Select Cancer Member that you would like to ADD or REMOVE from Data Table 1A

    1. Select CCSG from the left menu
    2. Select Members


    3. Use the search to type in the Last Name of the member


    4. Once found, select “Actions” next to the member

    5. Select “CCM” from the dropdown menu




Edit Senior Leadership Section for Member

For Data Table 1A, information found in the CCSG Senior Leadership section will control how the member appears in Data Table 1A.


Including in CCSG Data Table 1A (Senior Leadership)

To include the member in CCSG Data Table 1A, make sure that "Is this Member a Member of Senior Leadership" is set to "Yes"



Director or Deputy Director


Changing the “Cancer Center Director” or “Deputy Cancer Center Director” to yes will identify the member as the respective position. This will control the sorting – Director and Deputy Director will appear at the top of the list.


Senior Leadership Title

Senior Leadership Title will appear in the “Title of Leader” column


New Leader?


New Leader selection as “Yes” will indicate that this is a new leader


Additional Columns

Degrees Degrees as pulled automatically from the Credentials field in the member's Basic profile tab.



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