Updating CCSG Data Table 1B

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The following guide will walk you through the steps to update Data Table 1B


Select the Cancer Member that you would like to ADD or REMOVE from Data Table 1B

  1. Select CCSG from the left menu
  2. Select Members


  3. Use the search to type in the Last Name of the member


  4. Once found, select “Actions” next to the member

  5. Select “CCM” from the dropdown menu




Research Program Assignment for the Program Leader

In order for a Member to be made a Program Leader, they will first need to be assigned to the Research Program within the Research Program Alignment & Leadership Section


To add a Member to a Program, click "Add Program". From the launched window, select the program and membership type for the member. If the member is already assigned to the Research Program, then click the current appointment to open the modal.


Leadership Assignment for Member

The launched window will allow you to make additional settings for the assignment. The Program Leadership section is what controls their appearance in CCSG Data Table 1B.


Program Leader / Associate Program Leader

  • To add the member as a Program Leader, select the checkbox next to ________ is a Program Leader for this program
  • To remove the member, unselect the checkbox

New Leader?

  • To add the member as a NEW Program Leader, select the checkbox next to ________ is a New Leader for this program
  • To remove the member, unselect the checkbox


Additional Columns in Data Table 1B

Degrees Degrees are automatically pulled from the member's Credentials field in the "Basic" tab
Member Counts Member Counts are programmatically calculated by member assignments to the program
New Program To change this column, you will need to edit the Research Program from Settings » CCSG Settings » Research Programs.
  1. Select the program 
  2. Click "Edit" next to the program
  3. Choose "Yes" for New Program


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