Updating CCSG Data Table 1C

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The following guide will walk you through how to make updates to CCSG Data Table 1C.


Adding and Managing Cores/Shared Resources


CCSG Data Table is focused on Cores/Shared Resources for the center. These items can be maintained from Settings » Manage Shared ResourcesScreen_Shot_2022-09-16_at_10.13.44_AM.png


To add a new Core use the New Core form



Core Assignments

Once added, you can manage some additional data points that will be reflected on CCSG Data Table 1C.




Field Descriptions

  1. Core Code(s) 
  2. Core Name 
  3. Core Description
  4. Parent Core - Cores can be assigned as Parent, which will allow "Sub Cores" to be assigned for organizational purposes
  5. Active - If "Yes", it will be shown on Data Table 1C
  6. New Core - If "Yes", it will be designated as a New Resource on Data Table 1C
  7. Developing Core - If "Yes", it will be designated as a Developing Resource on Data Table 1C



Core Leadership

To assign leadership to the shared resources/cores, you can assign these at the Cancer Center Member level.


Select the Cancer Center Member 

  1. Select CCSG from the left menu
  2. Select Members


  3. Use the search to type in the Last Name of the member


  4. Once found, select “Actions” next to the member

  5. Select “CCM” from the dropdown menu


Shared Resource / Core Leadership Assignment

Assignments of Leadership for a Shared Resource/Core is done in the CCSG Shared Resource Leadership section



To add a member as a leader for a shared resource, click "Add Leadership". 


When the dialog box opens, you can select from the dropdown which Core the member should be assigned to. If this is a New Leader, you should select the checkbox, "____ is a New Leader for this Shared Resource/Core".


After being added, you can edit the assignment.



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