CCSG Sandbox

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Use Case:

You would like like to restructure your Cancer Center with changes to member program alignment and new programs, but you don't want to jeopardize your system's present settings.



The CCSG Sandbox is a tool that allows administrators to restructure their center and view how changes directly impact the overall center and individual programs. 




How does it work?

This guide will teach you how to use the CCSG Sandbox.

  1. Access the CCSG Sandbox:
    From the left bar, in the CCSG Navigation navigate to Tools

  2. In the Tools dashboard, click CCSG Sandbox


  3. The first step is initiating your first Sandbox. To create a new Sandbox, click the Create New Sandbox button. To load an existing Sandbox, click Load next to the Sandbox you'd like to work with.


    When creating a new Sandbox, you will be able to provide a name and description. You will also be able to determine which funding workspace to associate with members' funding data.


  4. The next step is establishing your Research Programs. On the left side of this screen are all of your Available Programs. These are programs that are already active in your account. Select the checkboxes next to the programs that you would like to move over into the Sandbox, and click Include Selected Programs. This will also move over all ACTIVE members in each respective program into the Sandbox.

    If you would like to create a New Program, then click New Program. This will allow you to create an entirely new program, which will create a new placeholder to put your existing members into.

    Once you are happy with your selections, click Organize Members.


  5. Organizing Members is as simple as dragging and dropping member cards from their existing program into another program. Each member card will contain their current publications count and active funding for the selected funding workspace data. 

    Note: If you are running out of page space, click the Programs button to toggle visibility of your Research Programs.

    In the previous step, you were able to select which programs would be included in the sandbox. If an existing program IS NOT SELECTED, any member associated with that program will appear in Unassigned.

  6. The Results of your changes are able to be viewed from the perspective of the entire Center or from the Research Program. 

    On the left side will be your Center/Program's Current structure. Directly to the right of that block is the altered view of the Center/Same Program in the Sandbox. The final block are the changes between the two.

    The Sandbox presently will show analysis in the following areas:

    - Member Counts
    - Member Type Counts
    - Schools
    - Departments
    - Publication Counts & Metrics
    - CCSG Funding by Peer Review Type


The Sandbox can continually be managed, so if you would like to make changes to memberships or programs, you can transverse between the modules to make changes and then review the results, as needed.

The Sandbox feature is available for you to use. However, since it is a new technology, we are actively receiving feedback for how it can be used to address your administrative and planning needs.

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